Jubilee Music Studio
by Jodi A. Hiser
Celebrating the joy of music for the glory of the Lord
Psalm 33:1-3
   Jodi Hiser has loved music from early childhood. At the tender age of six, Jodi began piano lessons with master pianist, Hope Spangler. With careful expertise, Mrs. Spangler taught and mentored Jodi to learn the piano as well as music theory, performance, technique, sight reading skills, ear training, pedagogy, and musicianship. Through Mrs. Spangler's direction, Jodi went on to perform in many contests, festivals, concerts, and recitals. At age 13, Jodi put her talent to use by becoming the full- time pianist of her local church. Jodi began teaching piano lessons in 1998 and since then has coached many students to accomplish their musical goals.
    When Jodi was eight years old, she began studying harp with her grandmother, a master harpist trained under Alice Chalifoux. After a solid beginning with her grandmother, Jodi's family moved to the Dallas, TX area. For the next 5 years, Jodi was taught under the expert instruction of Susan Dederich-Pejovich, the principal harpist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. While under Mrs. Pejovich's instruction, Jodi continued to grow musically as she played in a junior orchestra and region competitions. 
      At age 18, Jodi was awarded a full scholarship to Texas Tech University to be a part of the University Harp Ensemble under the direction of Gail Barber. With Ms. Barber's gifted private teaching, Jodi advanced her personal skills of harp technique and nuance while also performing and touring with the University Harp Ensemble. Jodi was able to gain unique experience in performing at the University Concert Hall, recording with the Harp Ensemble, and perfoming for audiences around the U.S. Jodi was blessed to play with the University Ensemble at the American Harp Society National Conference, which premiered original compositions by her teacher, Ms. Barber. 
    While in college, Jodi learned much about the art of music education. She was trained in the method of Kodaly and became proficient in using the uniqueness of folk music and the instrument of the dulcimer to teach children solfege, rhythm, note- reading, singing, movement, and playing instruments. In 2006, Jodi set about using her dulcimer to teach preschoolers the joy of music and the basics of musical understanding. Her new Jubilee Juniors class will soon offer a musical experience especially for the youngest of musicians.
     After college, Jodi used her talent to perform for numerous weddings, receptions, parties, private events, and church functions.  Jodi has recently begun to share her expertise with blossoming harp students; spreading the love of music while guiding the learning of one of the most fascinating instruments in the world. 
     When Jodi is not teaching music in her studio, she is busy being a wife and a homeschool mom. Jodi and her husband, Matt, just recently moved their family from Texas to the Chattanooga area. Together they have six very active and boisterous children. As a family, they enjoy hiking the waterfall trails, being involved with their church, playing games at home, gardening, and exploring the beauty of the Tennessee Valley.
      If Jodi has a free moment to herself, you'll find her pickin' on her new ukulele; an instrument she's just recently begun to love.  
Soli Deo Gloria!